Dried Flower Bouquets: Four Important Tips for Display and Maintenance

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Dried Flower Bouquets: Four Important Tips for Display and Maintenance

15 July 2021
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If you are interested in using flowers to brighten up your home, consider choosing bespoke dried flower bouquets. In general, fresh flowers are beautiful for use as décor, but they are often inconvenient due to the short service life. Dried flowers will enhance your interior space and are long-lasting. Therefore, you will not need to deal with problems like changing water, using flower food or cleaning up old material. However, a dried bouquet still requires some care for optimal appeal. Here are essential tips for getting good results.

Choose a Good Vase

The right vase is crucial for enhancing the beauty of dried flowers. Moreover, the container will keep the flowers stable and safe from damage. If you are purchasing these products for the first time, choose a suitable container from the florist. The most favourable choice is an opaque vase. The unit will conceal the stems of the flowers, and it is reusable for different bouquets. If you are looking for something unique, inquire about alternative vessels like baskets or pots. Place your flowers directly into the container without adding water or other fluid.

Consider the Humidity

The lifespan of dried flowers can be long, but the duration is shorter if the environment is unsuitable. Therefore, avoid placing the bouquet in hostile environments after purchase. The most common problem is high humidity. If the air is moist, the dried petals will absorb some of the water. When the plants become moist, they will be susceptible to rotting. Therefore, consider the humidity of a room before using these items as décor. For example, the bathroom is an unsuitable spot due to the emission of steam.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Dried flowers are perfect because they have the prolonged appeal of fresh flowers. However, they are not everlasting. The bouquet will change over time due to the fading of vibrant colours. The bleaching of dried flowers is accelerated by ultraviolet radiation from the sub. Therefore, if you would like to keep your bouquet in a good state, do not place it in a place with a lot of direct sunlight. Choose a relatively shielded spot and set your vase.

Keep the Bouquet Clean

The accumulation of dust on your dried flowers over time is inevitable. Therefore, plan for light cleaning of the arrangement to preserve the appeal and keep your home hygienic. When cleaning your flower, maintain caution to avoid damaging the delicate petals. For the best results, use a soft duster to brush off the built-up dirt.